YANA Helpline:
0300 323 0400
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Help for those in farming who may be affected by stress and depression.

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Funding for counselling

You can access a professional counsellor in the following ways:

If you live in Norfolk, Suffolk or Worcestershire: YANA can fund up to 6 sessions with a professionally qualified counsellor.The funding offer is not means tested and YANA does not need to know your name.

The only requirement is that applicants must be involved in farming in its broadest sense (e.g. farmer, farming family members, all farm staff, contractors, agricultural merchant, members of Young Farmers, etc.)


If you are at all unsure of whether you are eligible simply call our helpline number on 0300 323 0400 and we'll be pleased help.

You can download a form here and take it to your doctor or chosen professionally qualified counsellor.