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Help for those in farming who may be affected by stress and depression.

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National Directory Of Support Groups

The YANA Project provides confidential support, mental health awareness and funding for counselling for those in farming and rural trades in Norfolk, Suffolk and Worcestershire but is frequently asked about similar organisations in other parts of the country.

After much research, YANA has compiled, published and funded a directory of the regional support groups and key national charities which can specifically help those in the rural communities.

The booklet also provides advice on how to recognise symptoms of stress and depression and how best to help a client, colleague, friend or family.

You can view, download and print the directory as a PDF document HERE which gives access to the websites of all the groups included.

Or request hard copies of the Directory by email: johoey@yanahelp.org

If you think someone is in crisis and having suicidal thoughts,
please take action immediately.